Polyester Resins

16,34 € IVA incl.
Accelerated and thixotropic polyester resin for laminates. Low styrene content (DCPD). Smells much less than traditional resins...! Suitable for the repair of fiberglass pools.
18,15 € IVA incl.
Accelerated Occlusion Polyester Transparent and colorless Allows occlusion of parts inside the resin Special for Orgonites
Polyester Resins

Ferpol 3501 CV2,5 -Coladas-

17,55 € IVA incl.
Polyester resin for casting Low viscosity and low reactivity Contributes to extend the life of the silicone mold
Paste Release Agents

34D release agent

24,81 € IVA incl.
Mold release wax paste
5,93 € IVA incl.
Polyvinyl alcohol. Liquid release agent for resins.Creates a thin film on the surface of the part that facilitates demolding.Known as Alcote at FX. Used to separate the plasticine from the master.

AC-1 Acetone

3,51 € IVA incl.
General purpose solvent for the cleaning of tools and tools for general use
Polyester Resins

Catalyst F11

3,03 € IVA incl.
Catalyst for polyester resins.
Spray Release Agents

ACMOS 82-2405 -Wax spray release agent-

16,34 € IVA incl.
Wax-based aerosol release agent. Suitable for polyester, epoxy resins, PMMA and polyurethanes. Washable and matte finish. 340 gm. container.
4,36 € IVA incl.
Translucent Pigments for Resins. Not suitable for Platinum Silicone. Various colors to choose from. Ideal for Polyester, Epoxy and Polyurethane Resins. Canisters of 15gr. each one.
Kit de laminados Resina Poliéster Kit de laminados Resina Poliéster 2
  • -10%
Repair Kits

Polyester Resin Repair Kit

27,66 € IVA incl. €25.40
Kit to make small pieces with fiberglass and polyester resin.
Kit de Reparación de Piscinas Kit de Reparación de Piscinas 2
  • -10%
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Repair Kits

Swimming Pool Repair Kit

45,30 € IVA incl. €41.60
Swimming pool repair kit. Color of the pool: blue Includes everything you need.
Polyester and Epoxy putty

CRC Cellulose Putty - 250gr

12,83 € IVA incl.
250gr container Soft putty Repairs of plastics, metals, etc... Easy sanding Smooth finish
Polyester and Epoxy putty

CRC Metallic Putty - 1Kg

24,20 € IVA incl.
CRC Repair Putty: Ideal for metal, wood and concrete. Dries in 30 min: Quick preparation for sanding. Resistant: Suitable for extreme conditions. Versatile: Industrial and domestic use.

Polyester Resins

Discover at Feroca an exceptional selection of polyester resins, ideal for a wide range of applications in art, construction, and more. Our online store provides you with a simple and secure shopping experience, allowing you to explore and compare different options of high quality resins.

Outstanding features of our polyester resins:

  • Strength and Durability: Feroca's polyester resins are formulated to offer exceptional durability and strength. This makes them ideal for projects that require materials capable of withstanding adverse conditions and the passage of time, such as construction applications, exteriors and everyday parts.
  • Variety of Finishes: Feroca provides a wide range of finishes on its polyester resins, from completely transparent to textured options. This allows users to choose the perfect finish for each project, whether for a specific aesthetic appearance or for particular functional properties, such as slip resistance or unique visual effects.
  • Superior Adhesion: The excellent adhesion of these resins to a variety of substrates makes them a versatile choice for multiple applications. Their compatibility with different materials ensures a strong and durable bond, which is essential for projects involving the bonding of different types of surfaces or for structural applications where material integrity is crucial.

Types of polyester resins we offer:

Our selection of polyester resins includes both orthophthalic and isophthalic options, each tailored to specific needs and unique projects.

Orthophthalic resins are known for their excellent chemical and mechanical resistance, making them ideal for general projects requiring durability and good performance.

On the other hand, isophthalic resins offer greater resistance to moisture and corrosive environments, making them perfect for more demanding applications, such as outdoors or in contact with water. This variety ensures that you have the right resin for any type of project, from rugged construction to delicate works of art.

Versatile Applications:

  • Component Fabrication: Feroca's polyester resins are ideal for component manufacturing, especially in the creation of fiberglass parts and robust constructions. Their strength and adaptability make them perfect for industrial and commercial applications, where strength and durability are crucial.
  • Arts and Crafts: In the field of arts and crafts, these resins provide a high-quality finish, allowing artists and craftsmen to express their creativity freely. They are excellent for projects that require a fine, detailed finish, ensuring that each work of art is as durable as it is beautiful.

Feroca Satisfaction Guarantee: Quality and Support with Every Purchase

Choose Feroca for your polyester resin requirements and enjoy an exceptional shopping experience. With us, not only do you acquire high quality products, but you also have the support and advice of our expert team. We are committed to providing you with the best support, ensuring that every purchase meets your needs and expectations. Choose Feroca, where quality and trust go hand in hand.

Solve your doubts: Frequently Asked Questions about Polyester Resins

  • what is polyester resin and what is it used for? Polyester resin is a thermosetting material used in a variety of applications, such as fabrication of objects, coatings and in arts and crafts, due to its durability and versatility.
  • what can be done with polyester resin? It is used to create objects such as fiberglass parts, molds, sculptures and in coating and repair applications.
  • what is the difference between epoxy and polyester resin? Epoxy resin is generally stronger, more durable and less toxic than polyester, but it is also more expensive. Polyester resin tends to be less expensive and is easier to sand.
  • how long does polyester resin take to dry? It can take several hours to dry to the touch and requires 24 to 48 hours to cure completely, although this can vary depending on temperature and humidity.
  • what is the yield of 1 kg of polyester resin? The yield depends on the use and application, but generally 1 kg can cover approximately 1 to 2 square meters with a thin coat
  • how many drops of catalyst are in the polyester resin? The amount of catalyst varies according to the product and the manufacturer's instructions, but commonly 1% to 2% by weight of the resin is used.
  • where can I buy polyester resins? To purchase high quality and reliable polyester resins, visit Feroca, where you will find a wide range of products for all your manufacturing and crafting needs. With our easy purchasing process and expert advice, we guarantee a satisfactory buying experience.

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