Catalizador F11
Catalizador F11
Catalizador F11
Catalizador F11

Catalyst F11

3,03 € IVA incl.

Catalyst for polyester resins.

  • 25g
  • 100gr
  • 500gr
  • 1 kg


Catalyst for Polyester Resins.

The proportions in which catalysts are used in polyester resins vary depending on the type of resin.

Remember that the curing times of these resins vary depending on factors as varied as;

-Working temperature,

-Amount of product we are using

-Shape of the part.

Two pours made at the same time and with the same mixture will have different curing times if they are poured in molds of different capacities.

We recommend you to consult the resin label where the most common percentage of use appears.

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