At the forefront of molding materials in Spain for more than 30 years,Feroca continues to innovate, and continuously incorporate products into its catalog, always looking for new and better materials that make the molding and modeling work of our customers as easy as possible. That's why Feroca seeks partnerships with the key manufacturers of each type of product, which has led us to be a distributor of the most prestigious brands in the sector among which polytek, smooth-on, Neill's Materials, Dow Corning, Chavant, Monster Makers and many more stand out.

To ensure the good use of our products, Feroca makes video tutorials where we explain how to use our products. Likewise, it regularly organizes courses aimed at teaching the management of our materials, as well as all the possibilities they have. Our WorkShops are a reference in terms of teaching Mold Making, and FX. We put all our experience and commitment so that our customers are always satisfied, both with their purchase and with the results obtained with our products. In addition to an immediate and easily accessible after-sales service thanks to our numerous means of contact, telephone, e-mail and main social networks.

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