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Guaranteed quality

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Expert help

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Top Products

PlatSil Gel-10 -Platinum... PlatSil Gel-10 -Platinum... 2
  • -5%
Platinum Silicones (Addition)

PlatSil Gel-10 -Platinum Silicone-

47,13 € IVA incl. €41.00
Platinum Silicone (Addition) soft and translucent. Easy to use. Mixture 1A:1B Use Deadener for use in prosthetics encapsulated. Shore Hardness: A10
Professional Plastilinas.

Monster Clay MEDIUM -Professional Modeling Clay-

Monster Makers
37,27 € IVA incl.
Re-usable sulfur-free professional plasticine. Made entirely of non-toxic products. Presented in a 2,05Kg. container, suitable for microwave. Melts easily. MEDIUM hardness
SFX Makeup Palettes

Skin Illustrator Starter Palette

77,44 € IVA incl.
Alcohol Makeup Palette. 10 colors. Suitable for painting on leather, silicone and latex. Small palette for beginners.
Cosclay Doll Faerie Light -Arcilla Polimérica flexible- Cosclay Doll Faerie Light -Arcilla Polimérica flexible- 2
Temporarily out of stock
Polymeric Fillers

Cosclay Doll Faerie Light 227g -Flexible Polymer Clay-

10,89 € IVA incl.
First Flexible Polymer Clay. Hardens in oven at 135 ºC maintaining flexibility. Ideal for Stop Motion, miniatures, artistic figures, dolls, dioramas, etc. Tablets of 227 gr.
PlatSil Gel-25 -Platinum... PlatSil Gel-25 -Platinum... 2
  • -5%
Platinum Silicones (Addition)

PlatSil Gel-25 -Platinum Silicone-

47,13 € IVA incl. €41.00
Platinum Silicone (Addition) soft and translucent. Easy to use. Mixture 1A:1B Use Deadener for use in prosthetics encapsulated. Shore Hardness: A25
Silicone Pigments


6,05 € IVA incl.
Pigments for Silicone. Highly concentrated. Several shades to choose from. Compatible with Platinum and Tin Silicones. Packages of20gr.
Polyurethane Systems

Axson F40

31,46 € IVA incl.
NOW Sika Biresin F40 - 1,200 Kg kit  Incredibly strong and precise polyurethane resin. Ideal for rigid two-part molds. Low shrinkage, odorless and low viscosity. Excellent level of detail.
Adhesivos y Diluyentes SFX

Telesis 9 Silicone Adhesive

94,38 € IVA incl.
Medical grade prostheticadhesive. Fast, strong and durable. Suitable for prosthetics Silicone and Latex.

Unleashing the Magic of FX Makeup with Feroca

In the mesmerizing world of special effects makeup, every detail counts. The texture, the shade, the durability; everything needs to be just right to bring a character or concept to life on screen or stage. Enter Feroca. We're not just a brand; we're a testament to quality, innovation, and passion in the realm of FX makeup. We believe in empowering artists, be they seasoned professionals or budding enthusiasts, with the tools they need to craft their vision. As you ponder upon your next FX makeup endeavor, here's why choosing Feroca could be the best decision you'll make:

  • Extensive Range: From foundations to specialized prosthetics, we've got you covered.
  • Unmatched Quality: We pride ourselves on providing only the best. Every product is vetted to ensure top-tier quality.
  • Expert Guidance: Our team understands FX makeup inside and out. We're here to advise and assist.
  • User-Friendly Website: Navigating our site is a breeze, making your shopping experience seamless.
  • Affordable Excellence: We offer premium products without the premium price tag.
  • Always Updated: In the ever-evolving world of FX makeup, we stay on top of the latest trends and techniques.

So, whether you're recreating an iconic look, inventing something entirely new, or simply exploring the wonders of FX makeup, remember: with Feroca by your side, the only limit is your imagination.

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Who we are

who are we?

At the forefront of molding materials in Spain for more than 35 years, Feroca continues to innovate, and continuously incorporating products to its catalog, always looking for new and better materials that facilitate the molding and modeling work of our customers. That is why Feroca seeks partnerships with the key manufacturers of each type of product, which has led us to be a distributor of the most prestigious brands in the industry including Polytek, Neill's Materials, Dow Corning, Chavant, Monster Makers and many more.

To ensure the proper use of our products, Feroca makes video tutorials where we explain how to use our products. We also periodically organize courses to teach the handling of our materials, as well as all the possibilities they have. Our WorkShops are a reference in terms of teaching Mold Making, and FX. We put all our experience and effort to ensure that our customers are always satisfied, both with their purchase and with the results obtained with our products. In addition to an immediate after-sales service and easy access thanks to our numerous channels of contact, telephone, e-mail and main social networks.

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