Spray Release Agents

Spray Release Agents

Supralease PTR -EJECT-IT 33 Petrolease-

27,83 € IVA incl.
Vaseline Release Spray. Ideal for demolding Super Baldiez from any mold. Suitable for platinum or platinum silicone mold release tin. Can of 341gr.
Spray Release Agents

Ultralease Epoxy Parfilm -Stripper-

28,44 € IVA incl.
Release agent is a special spray for Epoxy resins Creates an ultra thin film Provides better results than polyvinyl alcohol or wax. Can of 340 grm.
Spray Release Agents

KONTAKT 701 -Spray Vaseline-

16,94 € IVA incl.
Pure petroleum jelly spray. Perfect as a release agent, lubricant and anticorrosive. Package of 200 ml.
Spray Release Agents

ACMOS 82-2405 -Wax spray release agent-

16,34 € IVA incl.
Wax-based aerosol release agent. Suitable for polyester, epoxy resins, PMMA and polyurethanes. Washable and matte finish. 340 gm. container.
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