Adhesives and Glues

Industrial Adhesives

Ciano Denso -Ultra Fast Cyanoacrylate Adhesive-

9,08 € IVA incl.
Ultra Fast Glue. High Density that allows to better accommodate the drop. Ideal to avoid glue leaks in the material. Glues all types of materials. Package of 50gr.
Industrial Adhesives

Cyan Accelerator Spray

9,92 € IVA incl.
Cyano Accelerator Spray. Apply on one of the parts to be joined. Instant bonding.
Human Body Stickers

PROTAC Acrylic makeup adhesive FX

50,82 € IVA incl.
Prosthetic grade adhesive of Monster Makers Bonds to the skin with numerous materials of FX Peels off easily with Isopropyl Myristate Ideal for make-up FX, Stop Motion, animatronics, etc...
Artex -Carne artificial- Artex -Carne artificial- 2
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Human Body Stickers

Artex - Silicone Imitation-

44,77 € IVA incl.
Silicone for the creation of 3D effects. Applicable on human body. Ideal for wounds, scars, burns, etc. 2 containers of 40ml each.
Adhesivos y Diluyentes SFX

Telesis 9 Silicone Adhesive

94,38 € IVA incl.
Medical grade prostheticadhesive. Fast, strong and durable. Suitable for prosthetics Silicone and Latex.
Industrial Adhesives

Elastosil A07 One-component transparent silicone

31,46 € IVA incl.
Single component silicone adhesive. Repairs breaks in molds or silicone parts. Works very well pigmented to paint silicone. Package of 90 ml.
3D Post-Processing

ClearWater UV Resin Adhesive

9,68 € IVA incl.
TransparentUV resin. Cured by Ultraviolet Light. Ideal for: Model Making, Art, Jewelry, Glasswork, etc. Crystalline finish with strong adhesion to various surfaces. Package of 50gr. Rechargeable UV Flashlight (Including cable + Battery)
PERMABOND 2050- Cyan... PERMABOND 2050- Cyan... 2
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Industrial Adhesives

PERMABOND 2050- Cyan Semi-Flexible

21,18 € IVA incl.
Flexible Ciano . For all types of surfaces. Fast curing. High temperature resistance. Maximumgapfilling. Hardness: 85D Working Time: 10s to 15s Total Resistance: 24h

We offer you an adhesive solution for every need you have, silicone adhesives, epoxy and cyanoacrylates. Cyanoacrylate adhesives are the most famous and widespread adhesives in today's wide range of adhesives, after a curious story during their discovery, their success is based on the speed of drying along with the ease of adhesion on a wide range of materials and the extraordinary mechanical strength they achieve with only a few small drops of adhesive , all this makes cyanoacrylates the most widely used family of adhesives in secondary joints. The SuperGlue of a lifetime, but in a more competitive format.

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