Plat-Paint New - Base de Pintura de Silicona -

Plat-Paint New - Silicone Paint Base -

19,97 € IVA incl.
  • Silicone Paint Base
  • Ideal for Special Effects, prosthetics, dolls...
  • Perfect for painting Platinum Silicones.
  • 200gr.


Plat-Paint New by Feroca is a versatile and easy to use platinum silicone paint base developed to help special effects, prosthetics, doll makers, reborn, etc. to easily create color effects on their platinum silicone creations.

Made up of two translucent platinum silicone components, it is used to make a base for color pigmentation. Once the desired color is achieved, with the help of pigments suitable for platinum silicones, Feroca's Plat-Paint New is diluted with a solvent (toluene or with naphtha), then thin layers of paint can be applied to the surface of a model, made of platinum silicone with an airbrush.

The ideal mixture is: 100 parts of A + 100 parts of B + 200 parts of solvent

Plat-Paint New by Feroca has a working time of 20 minutes once diluted.

It is recommended to read carefully the Technical Data Sheet of the product to know the correct process of cleaning and application of Plat-Paint New

In addition to painting the outside of a piece of casting, you can apply Plat-Paint New by Feroca on the inside of a platinum silicone or a polyurethane rubber mold and then pour platinum silicone afterwards. It can also be applied by brush.

It is extremely tough and will stretch and bend with the silicone without tearing or peeling.


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