Feroca is your reliable supplier in materials for props and Makeup FX. From beginners to professionals, we offer a wide range of products and tools to transform your ideas into reality. With Feroca, you can bring your artistic creations to life in an incredible way. Our offer includes high quality silicones, resins, foams and latex paints, everything you need to create stunning special effects.

The Feroca team is committed to offering high quality products and exceeding your expectations with every order. We work with the best manufacturers and continually update our inventory to ensure you always have the most innovative and safest materials.

Whether you are creating a Makeup project FX for a movie, theatrical event, cosplay, or just exploring your creativity, at Feroca you will find everything you need to bring your imagination to life.

Feroca's wide variety of skin-safe platinum silicones are used to create realistic skin effects. The super soft PlatSil and EasyPlat silicones have become the industry standard for creating silicone masks.

By adding the Deadener additive to a PlatSil silicone you can create a silicone similar to a gel in texture and feel, perfect for realistic movement of the prosthetics.

Skin Imitator silicone certified skin safe can be used to create wounds and scars directly on the skin or as an adhesive for prosthetics silicone.

In our catalog you will find the best brands of Fx Makeup on the market and at the best prices

Winter Soldier arm made in silicone and 3D printing by @henrycreations

Thor-Mandalorian helmet made in resin and 3D printing by @henrycreations

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