to dose and mix

to dose and mix

Casting Ladle

38,72 € IVA incl.
Cast iron ladles. Two sizes to choose from. Bowl dimensions: 12cm and 8cm Stainless steel.
to dose and mix


0,73 € IVA incl.
Dispenser for small exact measures Capacity in 5, 10 and 20ml. Effective for measuring catalysts.
5,08 € IVA incl.
Wooden depressors for mixing and removing silicones or resins. Ideal for platinum silicones as they do not inhibit them. Box of 100 units
to dose and mix

Precision Scale 5Kg/1gr.

15,13 € IVA incl.
Precision scale Weighs up to 5Kg in 1gr intervals.
to dose and mix

Graduated Measuring Cups

5,45 € IVA incl.
Graduated plastic beakers for measuring and mixing. Clear markings for accurate measurements. Pack of 4 sizes.
Acrylic Resin Complements

Mixing Shovel

30,25 € IVA incl.
Mixing paddle for professional mixer. Available in two sizes.
3D Post-Processing

3D Printing Toolkit

27,83 € IVA incl.
Complete Kit: Includes 8 tools for 3D printing. Silicone Filter: For safe handling of resins. Precision Tools: Spatulas and pliers for fine details. Easy Maintenance: Brass brush for cleaning.
3D Post-Processing

3D Paper Filter for Resin

6,66 € IVA incl.
paper filters for 3D printerresin. Easy to use to remove cured particles. Safe and environmentally friendly disposal. 100 p cs

MIXER SHOVEL 40cm x 8cm

14,52 € IVA incl.
Mixing paddle for professional mixer. Ideal for mixing all types of resins. Size 40x8cm. Metalic. High performance.
to dose and mix

Syringe 300ml

13,99 € IVA incl.
Large quantity dispenser Capacity 300ml. 1.5m probe for injection. Perfect for FX with liquids, blood, etc... Measures: 25.8 total x 19.5 capacity x 5.3 width.

Measuring and mixing accurately is the key for products to give 100% of their possibilities.

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