Silicone X -Silicona para clonar partes del cuerpo-

Silicone X -Silicone for body part cloning-

33,88 € IVA incl.
  • Silicone to reproduce parts of the human body.
  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Ideal for cast in alginate molds.
  • Kit of 1 Kg.
  • Kit of 8 Kg.


Feroca's Silicone X is a soft silicone made especially for cast in Alga-Cast alginate molds to make flexible and accurate rubber reproductions of body parts: hands, fingers, intimate parts, etc.

Silicone X is easy to use and cures to a strong rubber that is tear resistant and exhibits very low long-term shrinkage.

The fully cured silicone rubber is certified skin safe. Parts made with Silicone X will last a long time and are easy to clean (dishwasher safe).

An infinite number of color effects can be created and are achieved by adding silicone pigments to the silicone before mixing. Pigment only with food pigments in case of use inside the human body.

INHIBITION OF CURING: Feroca Silicone X, in its liquid state, can be inhibited (become tacky and not harden) by certain contaminants, such as latex and sulfur. Do not apply this silicone in its liquid state directly on the skin or other surfaces. Mix and pour the liquid silicone into alginate molds.

Mixing ratio A:B 1A:1B by weight or volume
Color: Translucent
Working time: 30 Minutes at 25 ºC
Release time: 3 hours at 25 ºC
Shore Hardness: A25
Elongation Resistance: 300%
Tear Resistance: 100 pli.
Viscosity: 5000 cps.
Shrinkage: ≤0,1%
Density: 1.20

Working Time
Curing Time
Shore Hardness
Volume Mixing Ratio
Mixed Weight Ratio
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