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Creature Slime 16oz (450g)

Creature Slime 16oz (450g)

36,30 € IVA incl.
  • Very Sticky Slime .
  • Color: Clear, Translucent and Blood
  • Effects: Sticky Slime ,Body Fluids etc....
  • Easy to clean.
  • WaterSoluble.
  • translucent
  • Blood Tone

  • Monster Slime makes a very sticky, stringy slime with long strands when pulled.
  • Used by many film productions to create a very organic looking effect in scenes where creatures exude body fluids that stretch and move realistically.
  • Also makes great sticky slime and birthing fluids, etc. Just about anything where a highly organic stretchy goo is needed.
  • Our Movie Creature slime is an extra heavy body slime that comes Translucent or blood red.
  • All colors can be thinned with water to create a thinner consistency.

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