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Commitment to Sustainability

The Feroca EverGreen Commitment was born as a necessity of the company to globally meet the needs of our customers taking into account their activity, the safety of our employees and respect for the environment, thus generating a sustainable wealth that allows us to contribute to making the lives of our employees, customers and suppliers better.

EverGreen is an English term that means perennial and applies to trees that are always green without losing leaves no matter what season they are in. In Feroca we have just turned 35 as a company and want to remain at least 35 more, be perennial, be EverGreen, but we are aware of the world in which we live and the society to which we belong, hence the need for this Commitment.

Feroca is aware that its actions have a direct impact on the environment, so Sustainability is positioned as a key element, as reflected in its corporate culture and in the development of the mechanisms necessary to give our employees and customers the necessary tools to carry out this mission. It also strongly supports the implementation of the United Nations Global Compact.

The following sustainability commitment aims to establish a global framework of reference for Feroca with which to reinforce actions, initiatives and behaviors in the different types of sustainability, for this reason and to make it easier to integrate into the company and its understanding by employees and consumers, we divide it into several types of commitments:

1- Commitment to Environmental Sustainability.

Feroca is committed to maintaining biological aspects in its productivity and diversity over time and, in this way, dealing with the preservation of natural resources by fostering a conscious responsibility for the ecological and, at the same time, growing in human development taking care of the environment where it lives. We are currently adding more and more non-polluting or toxic products to our catalogue, as well as products that have been developed in a sustainable way with Nature.

You will identify these products because they will carry in their photo and in their description the seal "Feroca EverGreen Commitment"

Sello Evergreen

In turn, Feroca is committed to achieving excellence through innovation and continuous improvement in its processes and products, maintaining high standards of quality and safety, minimizing its environmental impact, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving its contribution to society. That's why we've set a goal of zeroing our greenhouse gas emissions by electrifying our entire fleet of vehicles by 2030.

2- Commitment to Economic Sustainability.

Feroca is committed to trying to generate wealth in the form of adequate amounts, contributing to the creation of long-term value for society, customers, suppliers, employees and communities in which it operates, thus trying to foster a population capable and solvent of its economic problems, as well as strengthen production and consumption in monetary production sectors. Simply put, it is a balance between human beings and nature to meet needs and not sacrifice future generations.

For this reason Feroca spends some of its profits in numerous sponsorships of innovative, creative or social projects in many different market areas. We firmly believe in giving society back some of what it has given us to grow together.

3- Commitment to Social Sustainability.

Feroca is committed to adopting values that generate behaviors such as the value of nature, maintaining harmonious and satisfactory levels of education, training and awareness by providing support to the people of a country to overcome themselves, maintain a good standard of living, and promote themselves to engage these same people to create something new in the society of which they are part today.

Feroca is also committed to protecting,respecting and promoting human rights in all its activities and anywhere in the world, as well as establishing, where circumstances so advise, mechanisms that strengthen this commitment and verify its fulfilment.

Feroca is committed to promoting the safety and health care of all professionals who work directly or indirectly in its facilities, and contribute to the improvement of their quality of life.

4- Commitment to Political Sustainability.

Feroca is committed to promoting best practices of political and economic power, giving priority to parence, risk management and the fight against corruption. Comply with applicable local legislation by adopting, where necessary, the additional commitments and standards recognized to act in full in all areas of action. That is why in Feroca all our products indicate their price with and without taxes and we offer detailed legal texts in our "Information" section on the footer so that all our customers know their rights and our obligations.

The Feroca EverGreen Sustainability Commitment...

... it must be dynamic and adaptable to the changing situations of the environment and the markets in which Feroca operates. Therefore, the Evergreen Commitment is regularly developed, revised and updated, extending or eliminating objectives in order to continuously improve the Commitment and adapt it to the needs of our areas of action, as well as to local legislation.

Feroca is committed to providing transparent, reliable and truthful information on this same channel or another that is deemed appropriate to comply with this commitment.

In Madrid, 8 March 2021

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