Aceite para Bomba de Vacío

Vacuum Pump Oil

20,57 € IVA incl.
  • Specially formulated vacuum pump oil.
  • Lubricates and cools the vacuum pump.
  • It is recommended to always keep the oil clean and at the indicated level.
  • 1 Litre
  • 5 Litres


Oil specially formulated for high vacuum pumps in casting or composite processes.

Never operate the pump without oil in the reservoir. Once the reservoir is filled, let the oil stand and check the level before using the pump.

Our 12CFM vacuum pump with an empty reservoir requires approximately 680ml of oil.

Change the oil when it becomes contaminated and replace only with this oil, others may damage the equipment.

Always read the pump manual before using the pump and adhere to the quantities indicated therein.

Always dispose of the oil in a waste manager or clean point. Find it here:

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