Bomba de Vacío de 12CFM (20
4 m3/hora)
Bomba de Vacío de 12CFM (20
4 m3/hora)

12CFM (20.4 m3/hour) Vacuum Pump

435,60 € IVA incl.
  • 12 CFM (20.4 m3/hour) or 99.995% vacuum pump.
  • Compact and resistant. High quality finish.
  • Includes everything needed to start the pump.


Professional vacuum pump for quick and easy vacuum degassing of silicones and resins.

Perfect for degassing most silicones or resins before they start their curing process and air bubbles are trapped, including the fastest resin of all, polyurethane.

Large and small vacuum pumps are available on the market, the difference between them, in addition to the quality of the seals, is the suction power, i.e. how fast they perform the total vacuum of the bell.
There are small vacuum pumps on the market, but these pumps will not be useful for degassing certain products, such as polyurethane, why? Because these small pumps will indeed make the total vacuum (99.995%), but they take too long and polyurethane is too fast for them. In this case it does not matter if the bell is large or small, if the pump is small (less than 8 CFM), it will only allow its use in long curing products (silicones, polyester). With a large pump (from 10 CFM) fast vacuums can be made (about 1 minute) so it gives time to remove the air from the mixture of products such as polyurethane before it hardens. Keep in mind that the air is coming out during the vacuum process, not at the end of it.


Time to 90% vacuum 0m 30s
Time to 99% vacuum 1m 0s
Time to 99.9% vacuum 1m 30s
For all these reasons we are completely sure that our vacuum pump will cover all your molding needs, allowing you to make professional quality runs, free of unpleasant bubbles or air bubbles.
The Feroca vacuum pump includes everything you need to start it up, oil, power cord and connectors.
VERY IMPORTANT: Choose correctly between 110V and 240V (240V usually in Spain) and fill the oil tank up to the level indicated in the instructions before starting the pump for the first time.

For perfect operation, we recommend using this pump with our 26 liter vacuum bell.

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