Campana de Vacío de 26 litros.
Campana de Vacío de 26 litros.
Campana de Vacío de 26 litros.
Campana de Vacío de 26 litros.

Vacuum Chamber of 26 liters.

453,75 € IVA incl.
  • Vacuum chamber for degassing and composites.
  • 26 liter chamber with transparent lid.
  • Pressure gauge and adjustable air release and air passage valves included.


Professional vacuum bell for quick and easy vacuum degassing of silicones and resins.

A professional-grade vacuum fume hood is a must-have piece of equipment for anyone who regularly works with molding silicones (RTV) or resins from casting/laminate including polyurethane, epoxy and polyester.

Degassing (removing air) from silicones is essential for creating perfect molds that are more tear resistant and free of surface defects due to air bubble entrapment.

sistema vacio

The bell features high-strength, steel-coated construction. The silicone gasket quickly seals and secures theclear,laser-cutacrylic lid.

The hood comes with a built-in pressure gauge in addition to adjustable air release and air passage valves.

The larger the hood, the more stuff you can fit, so you can fit anything from a small casting to a 20kg drum of resin or silicone for degassing.


Internal volume External dimensions (mm) Internal dimensions (mm)
(H x Diameter)
Weight(kg) Recommended capacity
26L 440 x 330 x 330 350 x 300 14.55 6L

For perfect performance, we recommend using this hood with our 12 CFM vacuum pump


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