Texture Stamp de Monster Makers -Textura para Modelado-

Texture Stamp from Monster Makers -Texture for Modeling-

30,25 € IVA incl.

Textures for plasticine or claymodeling.

Made of high quality and resistant urethane.

Three different sets, choose yours!

The price includes only one set.



Texture Stamp Set #1

Ouroriginal texture stampset consists of 12 different skin textures ranging from coarse to fine. Create realistic textures by pressing the stamp onto the surface of professional play dough or clay in the final detailing process. They are made of urethane rubber that is long lasting and very easy to clean.

Texture Stamp Set #2

This is the continuation of the original set of 12. These are very interesting creature skin textures. Ideal for those rare monster skins that are not easy to get. Also made in high quality urethane rubber.

Texture Stamp Set #3

By popular acclaim we present 12 new textures of amazing skins ordered from the thickest to the thinnest. In this set you can find some amazing reptilian and alien textures. Use in the same way as the previous sets. Made of high quality urethane rubber.

The price includes only one set. Choose yours from the drop down menu.

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