Texture Wave1 - Set 1 - 3 Unidades

Texture Wave1 - Set 1 - 3 Units

102,85 € IVA incl.
  • 100Microtextures perfect for prosthetics small
  • 3 different sizes of each texture
  • 3D printed in shock-resistant resin


- Microtextures perfect for prosthetics small to medium size where you need the control that a large wheel roller does not allow.

- This set gives you 3 different sizes of each texture in each tool. 3 tools included which is 9 texture rollers in 1 package! The handle is also a roller.

- 3D printed in shock resistant resin.

001 and 002 will give you a way to achieve very difficult and time consuming micro textures if not impossible to achieve with normal sculpting tools.

003 creates a larger organic lumpy texture perfect for reptiles, aliens or any use you can think of!

These tools do not create marks on the sides of the texture and the texture is easily tileable.

You can texture the corners of the nose, behind the ears and hard to reach areas on your sculptures.

Are you ready to put an end to texturing times?

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