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TinSil 80-15 -Silicona para moldes-
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460,77 € IVA incl. €476.00
Silicone elastomer for polyester, polyurethane and epoxy. Excellent properties and high chemical and mechanical resistance. Available in 2 different hardnesses. Replaces Silastic 3483 improving its properties.
22,99 € IVA incl.
Polyurethane rubber for molds. Perfect for concrete or cement reproductions. Easy to mix and casting. Shore Hardness 30A
Polyurethane Resins

Lik-Wood -Lightweight resin with buoyancy-

30,25 € IVA incl.
100LightweightPolyurethane Resin Floats on water Easy to mix and casting Ideal for: pieces that require little weight. Lures (fishing lures) 800gr
10,89 € IVA incl.
NON TOXIC universal thickener Suitable for resins and silicones Adds thixotropy and lightness to the mixture.
PlatSil Gel-0030 -Platinum... PlatSil Gel-0030 -Platinum... 2
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Silicones for Hyperrealism

PlatSil Gel-0030 -Platinum Silicone-

47,13 € IVA incl. €41.00
Platinum Silicone (Addition) soft and translucent. Easy to use. Mixture 1A:1B Shore Hardness: 00-30
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