KONTAKT 701 -Vaselina en spray-
KONTAKT 701 -Vaselina en spray-
KONTAKT 701 -Vaselina en spray-
KONTAKT 701 -Vaselina en spray-

KONTAKT 701 -Spray Vaseline-

16,94 € IVA incl.
  • Pure petroleum jelly spray.
  • Perfect as a release agent, lubricant and anticorrosive.
  • Package of 200 ml.

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Pure petroleum jelly in spray form used as a lubricant and anti-corrosion product.


KONTAKT 701 contains pure, white, pasty petroleum jelly (kerosene oil that acquires a pasty consistency at room temperature). The product combines the excellent lubricating and anti-corrosion properties of petroleum jelly with the convenience of aerosol application: clean, firm handling and storage, and easy, precise, mobile dosing.

KONTAKT 701 is compatible with most materials including metals, rubber, wood, leather and synthetics. Perfect as a release agent in molding processes and casting.


  • Using the extension tube, KONTAKT 701 spray can be accurately dosed. The spray can can be used in the upside down position (360oC valve), in order to treat difficult to reach areas. Shake the can before use.

  • KONTAKT 701 as a corrosion protector should be applied in relatively thick layers. On screw and clamp contacts, a 1 mm layer should be applied. As a lubricant, however, only a thin layer is required.

  • Many materials, including synthetics, tolerate KONTAKT 701 quite well. However, for large production batches, a compatibility test should be performed. With most elastomers, slight swelling is acceptable, provided precise dimensional stability is not required. KONTAKT 701 is not suitable, for example, as a lubricant for polystyrene, polycarbonate and EPDM rubbers.

  • KONTAKT 7 01 spray contains flammable solvents. Do not apply the product on connected equipment. Wait for the complete evaporation of the solvents before reconnecting the equipment (min. 15 min.)

  • Read the safety data sheet: https://feroca.com/en/?controller=attachment?id_attachment=233

Vaseline release agent
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