PlatSil Hardener Parte H -Endurecedor de Silicona-

PlatSil Hardener Part H -Silicone Hardener-

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  • Hardenerfor platinum silicone.
  • Works with any silicone of the PlatSil Gel series.
  • 450gr
  • 1 Kg.
  • 5 kg


PlatSil Hardener Part H is used to increase the hardness Shore of any PlatSil Gel series silicone. It also increases working and demolding time.

For PlatSil Gel OO, a mixture of 1A:1B:1H would give a hardness equivalent to Plasil Gel 10.

For PlatSil Gel 10, a mixture of 1A:1B:1H would give a hardness of Shore: A20.

For PlatSil Gel 25, a 1A:1B:1H mix would give it a hardness Shore: A40 with a working time of 7 minutes and a demolding time of 2 hours, which is perfect for making extremely accurate block molds as well as flat molds for prosthetics that will not distort when a scraper is applied to scrape the silicone prosthetic applications. A much better solution than using a 40 hardness silicone from the start, less fluid, more difficult to work with and more time consuming to demold than PlatSil Gel 25.

Never exceed the mixing ratio 1A:1B:1H.


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