PlatSil Deadener LV -Gelificante de Silicona-

PlatSil Deadener LV -Silicone Gelling Agent-

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  • Deadener (gelling / softening agent) for platinum silicone.
  • 500gr
  • 1 Kg.
  • 5 kg
  • 18 kg.


PlatSil Deadener LV (Low-Viscosity) is ideal for softening or gelling PlatSil Gel series silicones without oil exudate. It is used to create prosthetic gel applications. By varying the amount of deadener added to the PlatSil Gel silicone, different degrees of softness can be obtained.

PlatSil Deadener LV should be added up to 300% of the A+B silicone mixture. A cure test should be performed to determine the proper amount to add for individual applications.

Smith's Prosthetics Deadener can also be used to soften or "deaden" the PlatSil Gel silicone. Some may prefer PlatSil Deadener LV because it has a lower viscosity.

If you substitute LV for Smith's Deadener, or vice versa, you will need to adjust your ratios as its softening effect differs between the two products.

Always add the Deadener to Part A, before mixing with Part B

When the Deadener is added the silicone loses its consistency and the material becomes tacky to the touch. In order to create a prosthetic application it is necessary to encapsulate the silicone mixed with the deadener, this is achieved by applying a thin layer of the resulting slicone gel in a mold that has been previously coated with a Bald Cap such as Key-Cap Plastic.


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