Neill's Remover -Limpiador desmaquillante-

Neill's Remover Plus -Makeup Remover Cleanser-

42,35 € IVA incl.
  • Removes adhesive residues from the prosthetics.
  • Removes makeup from Key Colours palettes.
  • More powerful than regularNeill's Remover .
  • Formula designed by Neill Gorton.
  • 500ml
  • 1 Litre


Neill's Remover Plus is a make-up remover formula created by Neill Gorton himself to gently and effectively remove prostheticsneill's Remover Plus removes adhesives, adhesives, transfers from prosthetics, make-up and PAX paints from the skin.

Neill's Remover Plus is as gentle on the skin as the originalNeill's Remover but with greater potency. Neill's Remover Plus is best for changing stubborn prosthetics such as bondo transfers and PAX Paints.

This new product is already becoming popular with makeup artists and has been used on several major productions.

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