Calva de Glatzan Incolora -Calota-

Colorless Glatzan Bald -Calota-

26,62 € IVA incl.
  • Bald (or bald cap) of Glatzan Colorless.
  • Very fine transitions, in a neutral skin tone.
  • Choose your size: S or L
  • S (Small)
  • L (Large)


The Glatzan bald cap is a plastic bald cap made of Glatzan, especially thin, but very strong.

The Glatzan bald cap is placed on the model and cut to fit the head. The edges are fixed with glue suitable for human bodies, starting from the forehead to the nape of the neck. Finally, the area around the temples and around the ears is glued. Once the bald area is firm, the edges can be smoothed with thickened latex or eyelash adhesive.

As a final step, Translucent Powder is carefully applied over the makeup that has been applied.

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