Fleet Street Drying Blood Dark

Fleet Street Drying Blood Dark

29,04 € IVA incl.
  • Artificial Blood.
  • Wet look once dry.
  • Suitable for skin and hair.
  • 60 ml.
  • 240 ml.
  • 473 ml.


Fleet Street Bloodworks is a unique blood system for FX. Made with FDA approved pigments, Fleet Street Drying Blood remains moist looking even after drying. Designed for use on both skin and hair, this blood stays in place once applied, does not migrate or dissipate over hours.

Drying bloods is available in two colors: Fresh, a very natural vivid shade, and Dark a deep, temperamental shade of blood. You can intersperse the two shades to achieve amazing effects.

Use with Fleet Street Blood Pastes to add depth and texture to your blood creation. Fleet Street Drying Blood allows the makeup artist to work in layers, achieving a realistic and deep sense of color.

The Drying Bloods work perfectly on all prosthetic applications, including both encapsulated and non-encapsulated silicone prosthetics types. They are also perfect for imitating temporary tattoos.

The Drying Bloods are very resistant , but they remove perfectly with soap and water or with our NEW special blood cleaner: Fleet Street Plasma Soap.

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