PolyColor Dyes Bote 56gr. -Pigmentos especiales para poliuretano-

PolyColor Dyes 56gr. can. -Special pigments for polyurethane

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22,99 € IVA incl.
  • SpecialPigment for Polyurethanes. Not suitable for Silicones.
  • Package of 56gr.
  • The price includes a single container.
  • Highly concentrated with excellent dispersion.
  • Black (Black)
  • Brown (Brown)
  • Blue (Blue)
  • Green (Green)
  • Network (Red)
  • Yellow (Yellow)
  • White (White)
  • FleshTone (Flesh Color)


PolyColor Dyes liquid pigments for polyurethanes are compatible with any polyurethane rubber, polyurethane resins and even Polytek polyurethane foams. They are not compatible with silicones.


PolyColor Dyes are oil-based pigments

They can be used to create a wide variety of color effects for a very wide range of products.

PolyColor Dyes pigments are highly concentrated and offer excellent color dispersion and color consistency. A very small amount of pigment is used to color large quantities of polyurethane. The more pigment you add, the more dramatic the color effect you want to achieve. We recommend adding 0.5% of the total amount of polyurethane to be pigmented.

White and Flesh Tone can be added up to 2% on top of the mixture.

Do not exaggerate the dosage too much because it can cause inhibition of the polyurethane. If it is the first time you use this type of pigments, we recommend adding a minimum amount as a test to see the result obtained.

It is advisable to stir the pigments before use to homogenize the mixture.


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