Jesmonite Pigment Set
Jesmonite Pigment Set
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Jesmonite Pigment Set
Jesmonite Pigment Set

Jesmonite Pigment Set

50,82 € IVA incl.
  • Pigments for Jesmonite: 13 packs of 10gr with 9 vibrant colors.15
  • High Concentration: Intense colors with little product.
  • Easy Mixing: Seamless integration with Jesmonite.
  • Durable and Quality: Stable and fade resistant pigments.


Jesmonite Pigment Set - Complete Collection of 13 Colors

Explore a colorful world with our 🌈 Jesmonite Pigment Set. This exclusive set includes 13 high-quality pigment packs, each containing 10 grams, perfect for bringing life and personality to your Jesmonite projects.

Colors Included in the Kit:

  • 🤍 3x White: For a luminous base or softening other shades.
  • 🖤 3x Black: Ideal for adding depth or creating darker tones.
  • 🟡 1x Yellow Oxide: A warm earthy tone, perfect for natural effects.
  • 💛 1x Bright Yellow: For vibrant and energetic touches.
  • 🟤 1x Rust Red: An earthy red, excellent for rustic tones.
  • ❤️ 1x Bright Red: An intense red for bold accents.
  • 🟢 1x Green: Ideal for simulating aspects of nature and freshness.
  • 🔵 1x Blue: Perfect for aquatic effects or skies.
  • 🟠 1x Terracotta: A warm, traditional tone, ideal for rustic finishes.

Features and Benefits:

High Pigment Concentration: Each color is highly concentrated, offering intense tones with a small amount of product.

Easy to Mix: Designed to blend seamlessly with Jesmonite, allowing the creation of a wide range of custom shades.

Creative Versatility: Suitable for all types of projects, from crafts and jewelry to decorative and architectural elements.

Lasting Quality: Pigments maintain their intensity and do not fade over time, ensuring a long-lasting, professional finish.


This kit is ideal for artists, designers and DIY enthusiasts looking to expand their color palette in Jesmonite projects. From small works of art to large installations, these pigments elevate any creation.

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