Castilene Hard (Alta Dureza)  -Compuesto para Modelar-
Castilene Hard (Alta Dureza)  -Compuesto para Modelar-
Castilene Hard (Alta Dureza)  -Compuesto para Modelar-
Castilene Hard (Alta Dureza)  -Compuesto para Modelar-

Castilene Hard (High Hardness) -Sculpting Compound-

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  • Tablet of 1,14 Kg.
  • Professional sulfur-free modeling compound.
  • It behaves like clay but with the appearance of wax.
  • Weighs 40% less than plasticine.


Castilene is a professional modeling compound that behaves like clay when modeling, but works and has the appearance of wax.

You won't need to make a framework as Castilene holds perfectly. It weighs 40% less than other professional modeling clay.

Getting started with Castilene:
It can be softened with different methods, such as heat lamps, hot boxes, strippers, clay pots, microwaves and even bain-marie. DO NOT USE DIRECT FLAME. Avoid heating above 80ºC or air bubbles will come out. Above 80ºC the Castilene can melt and be used in casting. The strength and lightness of Castilene allows sculpting without the use of framework in most cases.

Working with Castilene:
Castilene Hard will remain malleable during working if kept warm. The 3 hardnesses are compatible with each other, you can mix them for optimal results. Use the Hard to create the framework or base, add Medium or Soft on top to continue modeling and you can finish with Hard again if you need ultra fine details. You can use any traditional hot modeling tool on wax with the Castilene. Cool the Castilene for maximum hardness and apply burnishing process.

Polishing and finishing methods:You can use polishing products compatible with waxes and you can also make molds in silicone without any problem since Castilene does not contain sulfur. Castilene can also be used for lost wax casting processes.

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