J. HERBIN Dureza 50 -Plastilina de Modelado Profesional-

J. HERBIN Hardness 40 - Ivory Color -Professional Modeling-

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  • Professional modelingclay of various hardnesses.
  • Suitable for Condensation Silicones (Condensation Catalyst) tin)
  • With malleability and reusability control.
  • Ivory color.

J. Herbin is a professional quality modeling clay with high fineness and great carving details.

Ideal for sculpting, Special Effects (FX), Stop Motion, modeling and other creations.

J. Herbin modeling clay is available in 5 different hardnesses and can be used in 3 different ways: solid, softened or liquid (by heating).

J. Herbin offers two shades, dark gray and ivory, choose the one you like best.

It is compatible with condensation silicone elastomers (tin), but not with addition ones (platinum) and is usually applied to design new shapes, reproduce objects, create silicone molds (circumscribing profiles or rectifying details of the part to be molded).


This plasticine can be used at room temperature. Sometimes it is necessary to heat the harder versions to make them more malleable. It is recommended to use higher hardnesses as the piece to be sculpted is larger.

The plasticine is liquefied in a water bath, in an oven or any container that can be heated (See melting point instructions on the container). Once in a liquid state, mix the plasticine to reincorporate the oils that may remain on the surface. Stir with a clean tool.

Precautions: Plasticine can be worked without risk, although the usual precautions when working with chemicals must be observed. Use impervious gloves and be careful with touching the plasticine just heated because it can burn. Wear safety goggles when working with liquid plasticine. In case of skin contact, clean the area with hot water and soap.


Hardness 40

Hardness 50 Hardness 55 Hardness 60 Hardness 70
Very soft Soft


Hard Very hard
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