Poly 74-45 -Caucho de Poliuretano para moldes-

Poly 74-45 -Polyurethane rubber for molds-

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  • Polyurethane rubber for molds.
  • Perfect for concrete or cement reproductions.
  • Easy to mix and casting.
  • Shore Hardness 45A

The urethane rubber series Poly 74 and Poly 75 are urethane rubbers that offer higher than normal performance.

Poly 74-45 cures at room temperature with no appreciable shrinkage. Mixing is very convenient and is equal parts by volume.

There is no need to exhaust air through a vacuum hood and the resulting molds have a very high production rate.

Poly 74-45 works especially well with pigmented or colored concrete; in molds made with Poly 74-45 the reproductions will have accurate and uniform colors.

These rubbers are commonly used in the following applications: Concrete Casting, sculpture and casting, architectural reproduction and restoration, woodworking and ornamentation, candle making, industrial applications, craft and hobby applications, Theming, and much more.

Gypsum and wax can generally be cast in polyurethane molds without any release agent, but most concrete mixes and polyurethane resins require a suitable release agent (e.g. Pol-Ease® 2300 Release Agent).

Product Mixing Ratio Shore Hardness Working time Release time Color
Poly 74-45 1A:1B A45 30 min. 16 hr. Yellow
Poly 75-65 1A:1B A65 35 min. 16 hr. Amber


Working Time
Curing Time
Shore Hardness
Volume Mixing Ratio
Mixed Weight Ratio
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