PolyFoam R-5 -Espuma Rígida de Poliuretano-

PolyFoam R-5 -Rigid Polyurethane Foam-

24,20 € IVA incl.
  • Rigid PolyurethaneFoam.
  • Density 1,36 Kg/ft³
  • High level of detail.
  • Creates skin in closed mold.
  • Kit of 900 gr.
  • Gallon Kit - (7.20Kgs)
  • 5 Gallon Kit - (36.28kgs)


PolyFoam R-5 is a two-part rigid polyurethane foam from casting.

This self-adhesive foam has a free-rise density of 1.36Kg/ft³, and offers a good level of surface detail and mold fill.

This foam is perfect for the production of part fillers, decorative objects, lightweight counter molds, part series, models, prototypes, duplicate masters, etc.

In general, PolyFoam products should be molded in PlatSil silicone molds.

These foams can also be poured into urethane rubber molds.

Polytek foams can be pigmented with the Polycolor® series of pigments

PolyFoam systems are virtually odorless and contain no toluene diisocyanate, MOCA, heavy metals or HCFCs.
Product Mixing ratio Mixing viscosity Cream time Foaming time Tack-free time

Release time

Free-Rise Density Molded density

PolyFoam R-5

1A:1B by weight or volume

1100 cP 45 sec

2 min.

3 min

10-15 minutes* 1.36 Kg/ft³

1.36 Kg/ft³

7 Kg/ft³


Working Time
Curing Time
Volume Mixing Ratio
Mixed Weight Ratio
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