Worbla's KobraCast Art. Termoplástico.
Worbla's KobraCast Art. Termoplástico.
Worbla's KobraCast Art. Termoplástico.
Worbla's KobraCast Art. Termoplástico.

Worbla's KobraCast Art. Thermoplastic.

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18,50 € IVA incl.
  • Re-usable thermoplastic sheets.
  • COLOR: Pearl White.
  • Heat to 85 ºC to activate.
  • Ideal for Cosplay, scenography and make-up FX.
  • Perfect for thermoforming.
  • Iron 50x75 cm.
  • Iron 75x100 cm.
  • Iron 100x150 cm.


Worbla's KobraCast Art is the world's most popular and creatively recognized thermoplastic. Heat it with hot air, hot water or steam to a temperature of approximately 80-90°C repeatedly and the thermoplastic will activate into the shape you desire. Once cooled and hardened you can repeat the process as many times as you like.

The material is very easy and clean to work with, so not only make-up artists, costume designers, puppeteers or cosplayers, but any hobbyist and beginner will be able to create great pieces.

It dries and hardens in a matter of minutes, well stretched and can be combined with other layers due to an additional adhesive on its shiny side. This way you can make thicker masses of worbla and you can even make a kind of putty to give it the shape you want.

Worblas_Finest_ArtWorbla's KobraCast Art is a fine-finished, mesh-like Worbla, which will allow you to pick up difficult shapes from organic materials. The material will remain somewhat pliable once cooled.

With this versatile and easy to model creative material almost anything is possible: detailed surface images and masks or puppet faces, blades, weapons or gem replicas, props in general, ornaments and decorations to figurines, jewelry, plus many other decoration ideas. However, it is equally useful as a mold material.

Worbla's KobraCast Art is perfectly paintable, but for that it is necessary to first apply a coat of spray primer like the Vallejo ones we have.

Main features:

  • You can activate it as many times as you want in a matter of minutes taking it to 85 ºC
  • Processing time of several minutes.
  • Simple, clean and safe handling, even for beginners.
  • Free of potentially harmful substances such as solvents.
  • Extremely fine finish, excellent modeling and thermoforming properties.
  • One square meter of the product corresponds to approximately 1200grm. of modeling.
  • Very easy to repair due to its interlocking properties, even with other thermoplastics.
  • Properly stored the product has a practically unlimited shelf life.




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