Worbla's Meshed Art. Termoplástico.
Worbla's Meshed Art. Termoplástico.
Worbla's Meshed Art. Termoplástico.
Worbla's Meshed Art. Termoplástico.

Worbla's Meshed Art. Thermoplastic.

18,00 € IVA incl.
  • Re-usable thermoplastic sheets.
  • Heat to 90 ºC to activate.
  • Mesh weave on one side gives it more adaptability.
  • Ideal for cosplay, scenography and make-up FX.
  • Iron 50x75 cm.
  • Iron 75x100 cm.
  • Iron 100x150 cm.


Worbla's Meshed Art (WMA) ...The new Worbla with mesh on one side...!

Like all the other materials in the Worbla series, it is absolutely non-toxic and solvent-free. Worbla's Meshed Art is partially made from recycled rice husks, a sustainable resource that is integrated into our material through high-quality processing to save natural resources.

Thanks to the mesh on one side of Worbla's Meshed Art it is less susceptible to tearing when making eyelets, nails and the like and is the perfect complement for forming and strengthening leather or fabric work. In addition, it is surprisingly easy to create large curvatures and organic shapes, such as female breastplates.

Worbla's Meshed Art glue is stronger than Worbla's Finest Art. The edges can be glued very well together. It is also very simple to create a smooth surface and it is also surprising how easy it is to make pieces with it.

It can be painted with all kinds of paints such as acrylics or spray paints, but for that you need to apply a coat of spray primer first like the Vallejo ones we have.


Main characteristics:

  • Can be reactivated with heat as often as you want (80-90 °C).
  • It contains a very strong glue and can be glued very well in order to create a single piece with almost invisible joints.
  • The material is more secure thanks to the mesh on one side compared to other materials that do not have mesh, and this is noticeable when making eyelets, studs and the like.
  • Working time up to several minutes, depending on heat exposure time.
  • Easy, safe and clean handling, even for beginners.
  • Non-toxic, solvent-free and contains no hazardous substances.
  • The material is manufactured in a sustainable way.
  • In spite of the mesh, it has very good qualities for working by hand.
  • The surface offers good adhesion for all colors, varnishes, glues, etc.
  • Excellent repair and adhesion possibilities, also with other thermoplastics.
  • No waste, and under normal conditions it can last forever.




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