Worbla Termoplástico Transparente. Worbla's Traspa Art

Worbla's Transpa Art. Thermoplastic Transparent

18,50 € IVA incl.
  • Re-usable transparent thermoplastic sheets.
  • Heat to 120 ºC to activate.
  • Ideal for cosplay, scenery and make-up FX.
  • Iron 50x75 cm.
  • Iron 75x100 cm.
  • Iron 100x150 cm.


Worbla Transpa Art requires a higher activation temperature of 120 ºC compared to Worbla Finest Art (WFA) which does so at 90 ºC. It is therefore advisable to use thermal gloves when using Worbla Transpa Art, remember that you are heating it above the boiling point of water. It is also advisable to use a damp sponge for shaping to avoid marks and scratches, and a strong toothbrush is useful for obtaining small complex curves for shaping.

The material hardens in a matter of minutes, and reactivates at any time. This allows for gradual shaping to gradually form the desired part.

Fantastic for making visors, goggles, ice blades, invisible joints and anything else you can imagine, Worbla Transpa Art (WTA) has a similar flexibility to Worbla Finest Art (WFA) and shares the technical capability of being able to mix leftovers to recycle everything.Transpa_art_3objekte

Worbla's Transpa Art can be used in stable, flat shapes, simple compositions and even kneading the dough, if necessary. The kneading becomes milky and fuzzy. This helps to create LED lighting effects, among other decorative elements such as gemstones.

Excess material is removed with a cutter or similar and then heated again. However, it can be melted and blends well to a certain degree. Rough areas on the surface can be treated by a clear coat, e.g. nail polish.

While Transpa Art is similar to Finest Art, they are not the same product and you will find that Transpa Art does not have the same adhesive qualities as Finest Art and will require more patience and time to achieve the desired look. It is possible to glue Transpa Art to itself, but the temperature range is very narrow, so we recommend using a clear glue that will not leave visible traces on the final piece.



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