Skin Illustrator Tattoo Classics

Skin Illustrator Tattoo Classics

42,35 € IVA incl.
  • 60ml containers.
  • Alcohol based liquid make-up Tattoo shades.
  • Suitable for skin, silicone and latex.
  • Compatible with airbrush.
  • Aged Black
  • Aged Green


Recreate any type of tattoo using the classic aged black and green colors of the past with the new Tattoo Classics liquids from Skin Illustrator. From vintage, faded, handmade styles to modern recreations of tribal bands and historical designs, Tattoo Classics can easily produce the aged effect you desire. The only variable is your application technique. Make it look modern, make it look classic, make it look like it's been there forever!

Also available in a dry palette.

Liquid colors from Skin Illustrator are compatible with any airbrush.

The ink palettes from Skin Illustrator ink palettes have incredible coverage and strength. Palette colors are activated with Skin Illustrator Activator or Skin Illustrator Slow Activator and have spectacular staying power.

Palette colors are also activated with a spray of Isopropyl Alcohol (99 proof) but never use 70 proof alcohol, MEK, acetone or water.

Skin Illustrator is easily removed with Telesis Super Solv or with the Telesis Makeup Remover

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