Skin Illustrator FX Palette Liquids

Skin Illustrator FX Palette Liquids

38,72 € IVA incl.
  • 60ml containers.
  • Alcohol-based liquid make-up.
  • Suitable for skin, silicone and latex.
  • Compatible with airbrush.
  • Blood Tone
  • Aged Blood
  • Bruise Tone
  • Ultra Blue
  • Black
  • Prime Red
  • Burnt Orange
  • Prime Yellow
  • Green
  • White


Designed to mimic almost any skin injury or disease imaginable, they can simulate any degree of burns, cuts, scrapes, scabs and bruises Skin Illustrator FX Palette Liquids can simulate burns of any degree, cuts, scrapes, scabs and bruises. The palette FX integrates seamlessly with the Flesh Palette to create varying degrees of skin lesions and diseases. The pigment content is much higher than any other palette range so the colors go further and last longer.

The BLOOD TONE was created to help the artist, his struggle to maintain continuity in a film based on artificial blood made with syrup. BLOOD TONE is a realistic blood color that can be easily altered with the ULTRA BLUE product to achieve a deeper, more theatrical blood color. Conventional bloods will wear off after your actor has been made up, but with a single application of BLOOD TONE, plus a basic dose of KY Jelly, the makeup will look good all day long without losing luster and without staining the actors costume. When working with BLOOD TONE, a thin application of KY will give you a nice sheen, while a large amount will give the liquid look of dripping blood. The durability of the BLOOD TONE color allows you to apply the blood in the morning and hold up to long days of working with it.

You can mix colors to create certain tones. For example, mixing yellow and blue will produce a different green than the GREEN shade in the palette. Use the color BURNT ORANGE to provide a rusty tone. Dried blood is blood that is not too blue or purple. Add and mix AGED BLOOD with any other color in the palette and you will get a new range of colors.

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