Skin Illustrator Flesh Tone Palette Liquids

Skin Illustrator Flesh Tone Palette Liquids

38,72 € IVA incl.
  • 60ml containers.
  • Alcohol-based liquid make-up.
  • Suitable for skin, silicone and latex.
  • Compatible with airbrush.
  • Rice Paper
  • Natural 1
  • Natural 2
  • Lao 1
  • Lao 2
  • Cedar Brown
  • Vein Tone
  • Coral Adjuster
  • Olive Adjuster
  • Rose Adjuster


RICE PAPER color can be used as such or as a white color to lighten a blend. NATURAL 1 and 2 are used as a base for most white skin tones. These colors range towards the yellow side of the natural shade. If you need to warm up the NATURAL shades you can add a little CORAL ADJUSTER or ROSE ADJUSTER II. If you need to cool down the tones, you can add a little OLIVE ADJUSTER I (liquid only) or VEIN TONE to get a beige tone. LAO 1 and 2 are the base for the yellowish tones. Start with these colors which you can lighten by mixing with the RICE PAPER shade. To make your color more beige you can add VEIN TONE. To make your color more olive you can use OLIVE ADJUSTER 2 and if you want to add a touch of golden quality you can use CORAL ADJUSTER. CEDAR BROWN is a new color, it has a warm yellow brown tone that you can use to achieve bronzed tones. With this color you can darken the 5 basic skin tones. All the adjuster shades have been formulated to intermingle with the skin tones.

The liquid colors of Skin Illustrator are compatible with any airbrush.

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