Imprimación aerosol blanco

Hobby Spray Paint Vallejo -Printing-

12,71 € IVA incl.
  • Primer for metal and plastic.
  • Facilitates the adhesion of paints, especially acrylic paints on resins.
  • black
  • white
  • grey
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Magic Blue


VallejoHobby Spray Paint is a perfect combination of base color and color with high concentration of pigment for application on metal, plastic or resin miniatures, with a perfect self-leveling matte finish.

Our original and unique formula is specifically designed to respect and highlight even the smallest details of models and miniatures. The Vallejo Hobby Paint assortment includes 3 neutral colors for base coat application, Gray, Black and White so that they can be applied separately or mixing tones.

Each spray incorporates a plastic ring (painted with the same color as the spray) for proper identification of the spray, as well as 2 spray nozzles: a low output valve, especially recommended for fine lines and detail painting, and a medium output valve, especially recommended for painting thicker lines and larger surfaces. The low pressure valves allow excellent control of the spray flow.

Clean and degrease well the object to be painted. Shake the can vigorously for one minute. Paint with the can in vertical position in quick, thin strokes at a distance of about 25 cm, leaving it to dry for 5 minutes between coats.

At the end of the application, invert the container and spray for a few seconds in this position, until the paint stops coming out of the diffuser, thus avoiding its obstruction.

Each aerosol (spray) contains 400ml.


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