Aramid Twill fabric 170g x 100cm 2/2
Aramid Twill fabric 170g x 100cm 2/2
Aramid Twill fabric 170g x 100cm 2/2
Aramid Twill fabric 170g x 100cm 2/2

Aramid Twill fabric 170g x 100cm 2/2

21,78 € IVA incl.
  • Aramid-(Kevlar) TWILL fabric .
  • Weight: 170g
  • Length: 100cm
  • Weft: 5,2Fd/cm-158Tex
  • Warp: 5,2Fd/cm-158Tex
  • Thickness: 0,34mm
  • High heat resistance.
  • 1/2
  • 1 m2
  • 5 m2
  • 10M


Our 170g twill Aramid Fabric is manufactured using state-of-the-art production processes and the highest quality materials, ensuring consistent and reliable performance in every application.

Key Features:

Exceptional Strength: Aramid twill is known for its incredible strength and stiffness, providing a durable solution for applications requiring structural support and tensile strength, exceptional heat and abrasion resistance

Superior Lightweight: Weighing only 170g/m², it offers a lightweight solution without compromising structural integrity, making it the preferred choice for applications where weight reduction is crucial.

Twill Pattern: Provides a distinctive textured surface that not only enhances aesthetic appearance, but also offers increased resistance to deformation and wear.

Aramid fabric with a weight of 170 g/m² in a twill pattern has a wide range of applications due to its strength and lightweight characteristics.

It is used in the manufacture of :

  • Personal protective clothing, firefighters' suits, flame retardant gloves, welders' protective suits and protective equipment for personnel working in high temperature or flame exposure environments.
  • Bulletproof vests and helmets for military and police personnel due to their ability to resist impacts and punctures.
  • Manufacture of ropes, cables and fabrics for sails and sailboats.
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