Arcilla Sio-2 ARGILA Blanca

Sio-2 ARGILA White Clay

4,84 € IVA incl.
  • 100% natural composition clay (potter's clay).
  • Easy and pleasant to work with.
  • Ideal for modeling, sculpting and turning.
  • 1.5 kg.
  • 5 kg


Sio-2 ARGILA is a 100% natural composition clay (potter's clay). Easy and pleasant to work with. Ideal for modeling, sculpting and turning. Available in 2 colors (white and red) and 2 formats (1.5 kg, 5 kg).

Didactic material very suitable for the development of perception and creativity. Suitable for children's use (from 3 years old) but also highly recommended for professional crafts and creative arts, as well as for many other applications where a natural clay is required.

Compared to other potter's clays, Sio-2 ARGILA is a very pure clay, finely ground and presented in a practical individual vacuum pack (1.5 kg format). Its plasticity is highly compensated to obtain the best performance during modeling, drying and firing. The raw color persists after firing. Its behavior with the ceramic glazes on the market is exceptional.

Once the desired piece has been made, it is left to air dry and then it is recommended to fire in a ceramic kiln (between 970 and 1050oC) and to decorate with ceramic glazes.

Conforms to European standard EN-71.

Remains unalterable in its original packaging conditions for a minimum period of two years. If the packaging is not damaged, it is an imperishable product.

Compared to other modeling pastes and plasticine, Sio-2 ARGILA is a 100% natural product, composed only of clay and water, which gives it an extraordinarily fresh and pleasant feel, with no traces of odor or other substances on the hands.


  • It is advisable to knead the Sio-2® ARGILA clay before starting work.
  • If in the course of the work the clay loses plasticity or cracks, to recover it, it is enough to lightly moisten the hands. If the clay dries out completely, it can be recovered with water.
  • It is very easy to model, and can be helped by means of spatulas and other suitable modeling tools. It can also be molded (we recommend plaster molds) and, above all, turned on a potter's wheel.
  • To join two pieces of clay together, scratch the parts to be joined with a spatula or punch beforehand and, using a brush, moisten them with barbotina (clay previously mixed with water to obtain a liquid texture). In the case of angle joints, reinforce the joint with the help of a clay churrito extending it following the angle and then press and smooth the joint with a spatula.
  • To smooth and polish surfaces to achieve a very clean finish, use a damp sponge.
  • To make hollow objects, rigid or flexible supports can be used.



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