Desmofer V8130 -Alcohol Polivinílico o Alcote-

Desmofer V8130 -Polyvinyl alcohol or Alcote-

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Polyvinyl alcohol. Liquid release agent for resins.

Creates a thin film on the surface of the part that facilitates demolding.

Known as Alcote at FX. Used to separate the plasticine from the master.

  • 250gr
  • 500gr
  • 1 kg


Low viscosity liquid release agent that can be applied by brush or spray. Once the alcohol evaporates, a skin-like film forms between the mold and the laminated part.

In the world of FX it is used in several ways. It creates a barrier between the plaster and acrylic during the denture making process and allows for easy separation. Alcote (Polyvinyl Alcohol) can also be used to re-float clay sections of a lifecast for advanced prosthetic work.

It should be applied at each demolding since the film that is formed goes partly with the part but some may remain in the mold, so it is recommended to clean the mold with water once the part is removed before reapplying the release agent.

Release agent
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