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Kit for hand, foot and other molds...

Kit for hand, foot and other molds -Alginate-Escayola-

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  • Alginate and plaster kit.
  • Ideal for molds and copies of hands, feet, etc...
  • 100% innocuous and safe. Perfect for use with human body.
  • Easy to use, comfortable and clean.
  • Includes mixing cup.

Molding kit with everything you need to make a mold of the human body and its subsequent copy in plaster.

The kit is composed of:

  • 500gr of Slow Alginate
  • 1.5 kg of plaster Arquero
  • 1 mixing cup
  • 1 wooden stick


Alga-Cast Slow, Feroca's alginate for molds is a perfect molding material for making "temporary" molds of the face, hands and other parts of the human body. For the realization of reusable molds (more than one use) it is recommended to use the body-safe silicone, such as Feroca's Body Silk-Cast from Feroca.Hydrogel

Alga-Cast Slow captures detail at levels not previously achieved by any other alginate.

Alga-Cast Slow is easy to use and hardens quickly. In a few moments you will have a perfect mold ready for cast once or twice, depending on the material at cast.

Product Mix A:B
Curing Time
Alga-Cast Slow

3 Water:1 Powder by volume

9-11 minutes.

The plaster Arquero is a plaster of very high resistance and low absorption. It does not effloresce (salt efflorescence).

It has one of the lowest expansions available in the market. Its setting is gradual and has a long plasticity period.

Its high hardness and resistance makes it ideal for final pieces that last a lifetime.

Preparation of the mixture.

Weigh the gypsum and water for each mixture. The water-gypsum ratio is a critical factor, since the final strength and density of the piece depends on it.

Use potable water at a temperature between 21º and 38ºC since variations in the temperature of the mixture (water-gypsum) can produce changes in the setting time.

It is important to keep the water and plaster in an environment with temperature within the mentioned range before use.

The higher the water temperature, the shorter the setting time.

Slowly and gently pour the plaster into the water. Soak it for 1 to 2 minutes. The plaster should be fully dispersed in the water before mixing. Small amounts of plaster require less soaking time than larger amounts.

how much alginate do I need?

Baby foot/hand

300 gr.

Adult foot/hand

500 gr.

Face without ears

500 gr.

Full head to shoulders

1,5 Kg.

Front torso

750 gr.

Full torso

1,5 Kg.

Arm to elbow

750 gr.


500 gr.

Intimate parts

300 gr.

Whole body

7 Kg.

*Quantities offered as a guide. The final result may vary depending on each body and the expertise of the person making the alginate mold. The end user assumes all responsibility for the material needed.



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