Arquero -Escayola de Alta Resistencia-

Arquero -High Resistance Plaster

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  • Very high strength and low absorption gypsum.
  • It has a very low expansion.
  • Ideal for the manufacture of prototypes replacing epoxy, phenolic or polyester resins.
  • Perfect for the industry of Mold Making and FX.

Gypsum (plaster) Arquero is a derivative of calcium sulfate suitable for the manufacture of matrices in the ceramic industry, models that require a very high hardness, casting of figures, counter molds and is even ideal for imitation marble.

It is one of the hardest plasters on the market, its low water/plaster ratio, fast drying, extraordinary hardness and water resistance, give it properties not achieved until now.

Recommended where a very high surface hardness and extreme precision in the dimensions are required, as in matrices and models. Ideal for the manufacture of prototypes replacing epoxy, phenolic and polyester resins used for this purpose.

MIXTURE: We recommend the gypsum/water ratio indicated below. Working with less water increases the resistance, but the time available for casting will be shorter.

Pour the plaster into the water (never the other way around), let it moisten and knead it for about one minute, beating gently and uniformly to avoid the formation of air bubbles. The containers should be clean.

It is important to keep the water and plaster in an environment with temperature within the mentioned range before use.

The higher the water temperature, the shorter the setting time.

STORAGE: In dry places on wooden battens, separating the different rows from each other and from the wall so that air can circulate freely. In this way the plaster can be stored for months while retaining its properties.

Mixing ratio: Between 4 and 4.5 kg of gypsum per 1 liter of water.
Setting time: 11-13 minutes
Demolding: After 25 minutes
Setting expansion: 0,12 %
Flexural strength 140 Kg/cm2
Brinell hardness >5.000 Kg/cm2
Color: White
Greater than 200 microns: Traces
Greater than 86 microns: 0,5 %
Greater than 63 microns: 5%


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