Titanic Fx Gelatina Prostética -Color Sangre-
Titanic Fx Gelatina Prostética -Color Sangre-
Titanic Fx Gelatina Prostética -Color Sangre-
Titanic Fx Gelatina Prostética -Color Sangre-

Titanic Fx Prosthetic Gelatin -Blood Color-

48,40 € IVA incl.
  • Gelatine for prosthetic applications from FX.
  • Gelatin quality 300 Bloom.
  • Non-toxic. Food grade.
  • Reusable.
  • 1Kg


Titanic's gelatin FX is an ideal medium for any makeup artist to gain understanding and technical skills for working with other prosthetics 3D media, as well as a makeup product FX in its own right. Titanic FX gelatin ingots are reusable and food/medical grade.

Titanic FX gelatin is pre-mixed, pre-colored, pre-flocked and ready to melt and use in any FX or prop makeup.

Titanic FX has developed an expert grade quality gelatin, specifically designed to mimic the color and texture of human skin, which blends perfectly with the skin giving a professional finish in prosthetics wound and make-up. It has been tried and tested "on set" in Los Angeles on series such as "Criminal Minds: No Borders" and "The Last Ship", withstanding high temperatures and long shots with excellent results.

Titanic's gelatin FX is available in various colors from light, medium and dark flesh to blood, muscle and even fat color.

Titanic Fx blood colored gelatin is designed to mimic blood in both color and translucency.


  • Titanic's gelatin FX can be cut into smaller quantities or heat the entire ingot. Note that cutting will decrease the heating time.
  • Heat in a suitable container (such as a waxing jar) or in a microwave.
  • Be sure to stir well and frequently to avoid boiling the product.
  • Note: Boiling the gelatin will weaken the structure of the product.
  • Once the gelatin has melted into a liquid, pour it into the mold (with pre-mold release agent) and let it cool.
  • You can also place the mold in a refrigerator to speed up the cooling process.

NOTE: Freshly melted gelatin is very hot and can cause burns, DO NOT touch directly.

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