EpoFood -Epoxi Alimentaria Incolora-

EpoFood -Epoxy Food Safe Colorless-

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  • Epoxy coating for food use.
  • 2-component system.
  • Ideal for trays, plates, etc.
  • Easy to use 100A:50B
  • Kit 1.5 Kg.

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Feroca' s EpoFood is a coating for sanitary use formulated with epoxy resin, hardener and pigments. It is a two-component system that must be mixed before use. The curing is done at room temperature or with the addition of heat, accelerating its polymerization.

As a coating for surfaces that have to be in contact with aqueous food, especially for tanks and pipes that have to contain water or trays and/or plates for food presentation.EpoFood prevents water from cominginto contact with surfaces that may alter their quality and taste, facilitating the cleaning of walls and bottoms.EpoFood complies with UNE-EN 1186-3"Materials and articles in contact withfoodstuffs-plastics", it also complies with the overall migration limit values established by R.D.118/2003 and specific migration of BADGE in accordance with R.D. 293/2003 .


If application is done manually small mixtures should be made to allow use before gelling. The mixture should be homogeneous.
In both cases, Part A and Part B must be homogenized in their respective containers before use.

In any case the technical-sanitary standard on the use of coatings of varnish and paint based materials in relation to food and food products of the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs must be faithfully followed.


EpoFood should be applied at temperatures above 10 ºC . Before contactwith water or food, 5-7 days should elapse, the coating should be washed with dilutedacetic or citric acid to remove traces of hardener and after a water wash the tank can be filled or contact with food.

*Temperature curing program for pipe coating:

  • At low ambient temperatures 5 - 10 oC a temperature of 40 oC /4- 6 h ( *1)+ 12 h / Ambient temp. should be applied before going into service.
  • At ambient temperatures above 20-30 oC a temperature of 40 oC / 2-3 h + 12 h / Ambient temp. should be applied before commissioning.

(*1) Heat input at higher temperature shortens the cure cycle schedule.

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