Epofer EX8151+E1531-Epoxi para depósitos-

Epofer EX8151+E1531-Epoxy for tanks-

33,88 € IVA incl.

Kit of 1 Kg.

Epoxy resin for solvent resistant laminates.

Specially designed for the interior lining of unleaded gasoline tanks.

  • Kit of 1 Kg.

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Once the tank has been cleaned with the chosen method (it can be done with vinegar and some metallic element such as chains or nuts to drag the dirt), we proceed to pour the indicated mixture inside the tank. We turn the tank continuously so that the film spreads over the entire surface, closing the possible pores and fixing a highly resistant and uniform layer of product.

Remember that it is characteristic of this resin that at low temperatures its viscosity increases, even producing a granular effect, similar to what happens with olive oil or honey. This does not mean that the resin has degraded, but it cannot be used in this state since the catalyst would not react with these beads and whitish uncatalyzed areas would appear. As in the previous cases, the effect disappears by bringing the product close to a heat source (radiator) or subjecting it to the "water bath" and waiting until the resin cools down and recovers the temperature of use, between 20 and 25ºC

With this method we will also avoid that the exterior painting of the tank jumps due to the vapors that the fuel gives off and that are filtered through the not treated walls.

We calculate for an average tank of about 18/20 liters about 400gr. of mixture. One kit is enough for two tanks.

Composition of the kit:

EX8151 - 1 Kg

E1531 - 200gr


EX 8151 100 parts by weight

E 1531 20 parts by weight


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