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It is a sulfide-free plasticine.

It can be used in direct contact with all our silicones including platinum catalyst silicones

Chavant is a well-known brand that produces various types of play dough with different properties, such as firmness and consistency. Plasticine from Chavant is often preferred for its high quality and versatility.

Plasticine from Chavant can be easily sculpted, allowing artists to create detailed and intricate models or sculptures. It remains soft and workable at room temperature, giving artists ample time to shape their creations. In addition, play dough can be melted and poured into molds for casting.

Overall, Chavant Plasticine is a popular choice among professionals and enthusiasts who require a reliable and flexible plasticine for their artistic activities.

Chavant, Monster Clay and Professional Clays.

Fill-It from Chavant -Plastiline for Mold Sealing-

8,47 € IVA incl.
Sulfur-free professional plasticine for mold sealing. 453 gr. tablet. Perfect for mold boxes, containment dikes, partition lines, etc.
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