Telesis 8 Modifier
Telesis 8 Modifier
Telesis 8 Modifier
Telesis 8 Modifier

Telesis 8 Thinner

45,98 € IVA incl.
  • Medical grade thinner.
  • Compatible with Adhesive Telesis 8.
  • Thin the adhesive and print the skin.
  • 60 ml.
  • 120 ml.


The Telesis 8 Thinner can be used to dilute the silicone adhesive Telesis 8 when necessary and also to prime the actor's skin prior to application of the adhesive.

To speed up the drying time of the Telesis 8 adhesive, the skin can be primed with the Thinner and then the Telesis 8 can be applied to the prosthetic application. Once the two surfaces connect, the drying time is reduced to just a short time. The hold is unbelievably strong but very easy to remove thanks to the Telesis Silicone Remover.

This product is not compatible with the old adhesives Telesis 5 or Telesis 7.

Telesis adhesives and thinners are both proven safe and highly effective in the medical, makeup and cosmetic industries. All products have been tested by independent laboratories for dermal irritation and inhalation levels and none of the products contain any known carcinogens, fertility toxins or cytotoxins.

PPI Premier Products Inc. is an American FDA licensed manufacturer.

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